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Therapy: Short-term, Ongoing, or Consultations

As a Licensed Psychologist, I have over 20 years of clinical experience. I work with individuals, groups, children, adolescents, and adults. Many of my clients are adult adoptees and adoptive families. I specialize in adoption issues, including transracial adoption, transracially adoptive families, and those considering adoption. I work with all parts of the adoption triad (birth parents, adoptive parents, and adoptees) and I am also both an adult adoptee (from Hong Kong) as well as an adoptive parent. I believe it’s important for prospective clients to know of my connection to adoption to better understand my personal and professional training.

Many people have identified specific areas in which they have concerns or around which they struggle. Often people seek short-term therapy in which they have clearly defined goals. For example, people may present with concerns about their careers, parenting issues, questions regarding behavioral strategies, or challenges when incorporating addressing issues of adoption, race, or culture into their own lives or their families’ lives.  These are common issues and can be amenable to short-term therapy. In fact, in some cases, people seek brief consultations that can provide direction or support as they move through the process of building their family or enter adolescence.

Some issues within individuals or families may be less well-defined or may benefit from longer-term therapy. In those cases, goals may be broader in scope or may focus on larger issues of identity, adjustment, or family functioning. For example, individuals may seek support for birth parent searches and reunions, assistance around relationships, or support for the adoption journey of identity integration.

In my clinical work, I seek to support people who are experiencing stressful or challenging times in their lives and development. I strive to enable people to gain greater awareness of their experiences as well as more effective strategies for coping with them.

Office located in Chelsea (116 West 23rd Street, New York, NY) in Manhattan.