Current Research Studies



As an active researcher and scholar, I am often involved in a number of research projects. I seek to give adopted individuals a powerful voice and to represent their needs and strengths in ethical, authentic, and fair research. I seek also to accurately, appropriately, and justly depict and study the needs of adoptive parents and birth parents. I strive to do justice to their stories, experiences, feelings, and their trust. Please consider participating in any of the studies below. Please also help us spread the word so we can improve the practice of adoption, the counseling services for the adoption triad, and our understanding of the dynamics of adoption.

Now Seeking Research Participants for Several Current Research Projects


Project A: Adoption Microaggressions/Stigma for the Adoption Triad


  • Birth Parents or First Parents of color

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Project B: Reculturation Measure Development Part 2 


  • Adult Adoptees of Color Adopted Transracially and Transnationally

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