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Ask the Girls was a project that ran between 2010-2011.  Parents and their children with a connection to adoption were invited to ask questions on the website to a number of  tween & teen adoptees. Thank you to all the people that took part in the project.


Presenting, a new feature on this website. You and your children can email us with questions you have and the girls will answer them. Got to the Ask the Girls page to view their profiles.

Do you have a question for one of the girls in this group? All of the girls involved were adopted from China. They range in age between 12 and 17 and they all live in New York City. They are interested in learning about all of you and they want to help you with any questions you might have.

Check out our new feature! Blogs are posted with questions sent in by visitors to this site (Ask the Girls – Questions page). The Girls/Teens are in the process of providing answers to these questions. You can find one answer on the Ask the Girls – Being Bullied page.

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