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I first met Amanda in 2008 randomly at an adoption event in Hong Kong that we were both asked to speak at. I was a bushy tailed and wide eyed 26 year old HK/Vietnamese adoptee at the time. I had only just started to wonder into the adoption community. Amanda’s  insight, guidance & knowledge really helped me look at adoption realistically & fairly which allowed me to gain more clarity of my own place within the large adoption picture.

Since then our paths have continued to randomly cross with our involvement in HK/Chinese adoption communities despite her being based in the USA and myself in the UK. So when Amanda asked me to work with her to redesign & develop a new website, I jumped at the chance.

I am very glad to be able to help her bring together all her work into one place and really look forward to seeing how the new website grows with all aspects of her work.

Jessica Emmett

About the Post Author: Jessica Emmett

Jess is a freelance illustrator, designer and artist. She has been privileged to be able to work with so with many inspiring and wonderful people in the adoption community ranging from art workshops to art commissions to talks/panels and even adoption comics.

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