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Dear Colleagues and Friends,


We are writing to you to invite you to participate in a research project that we are conducting to learn more about the experiences of adult adoptees called “The Well Being of Adoptees.” Our research team at Montclair State University is led by Dr. Amanda Baden and the team members include three graduate students in the Counseling Program. The team also includes two researchers from Seattle, Washington: Dr. Doug Shadel and Dr. Karla Pak and a researcher and adoption advocate from Portland named Ron Morgan. We are looking for participants for our project who were adopted at birth or within one year of birth through any circumstances (foster, domestic, international). We are also interested in adoptees who discovered they were adopted after age 18. We want to better understand how adoptees reacted to the news that they had been adopted, how it impacted their individual well being, their relationships with family and friends and what specific strategies they employed to cope with the news.


In summary then, we are recruiting subjects for an IRB-approved study that meet the following qualifications:


  • 18 years or older
  • Adopted through any circumstances (i.e., foster, domestic, international, etc.)
  • Willing to complete an online survey that takes approximately 25 minutes to complete


This study is intended to provide information that will help individual adoptees’ cope with the the news of their adoption and help improve the training of clinicians who treat Adult Adoptees. The information provided by participants will inform future research and help shape training and practice.


UPDATE: We have completed data collection for this study.


If you would like additional information, please contact Dr. Amanda Baden at badena@mail.montclair.edu or at 973-655-7336.


Thanks and please pass this along to anyone who might be eligible or know of other eligible participants.



Montclair State University Adoption Research Team

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