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Dear Colleagues and Friends,

We are writing to you to invite you to participate in a survey project that we are conducting to learn more about current practices of those who assist in adoption search and reunion, in order to better help their clients. Our research team at Montclair State University is led by Dr. Amanda Baden and the team members include three graduate students in the Counseling Program. The research team is collaborating with the Donaldson Adoption Institute to explore the current status of adoption search practices among adoption professionals and those who facilitate adoption searches and reunions.

We are looking for adoption professionals and search facilitators who are therapists, psychologists, counselors, social workers, lawyers, search angels, or others who facilitate and support searches between adopted persons and birth families/first families who search for each other to participate in an IRB-approved study on adoption treatment.

This goal of this study is to increase our knowledge of the current practices among adoption professionals and other search facilitators in assisting search and reunion efforts between adopted persons and birth families/first families. We also hope to improve adoption professional training and develop more effective services for the adoption kinship network.

UPDATE: We have completed data collection for this study.


If would like additional information, please contact Dr. Amanda Baden at or at 973-655-7336. Thanks and please pass this along to anyone who might be eligible or know of other eligible participants.



Montclair State University Adoption Research Team

(IRB Approval #001411)



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