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Screen Shot 2013-11-15 at 4.23.10 PMDr. Baden is a columnist for the research column of the online magazine, Gazillion Voices. This magazine is “To create a platform for adoptees and their allies to bring topics important to the adoption community to life through rich, compelling, and thought-provoking content that will be accessible to the broader community and will ultimately reframe and reshape the conversation about  adoption.” (Gazillion Voices)

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Adopted (2008)

Dr. Baden consulted on the film, Adopted (Directed by Barb Lee and Executive Produced by Barb Lee and Alston Gardner). This film contrasts the adoption experience of an adult Korean adopted woman and a child in process of being adopted from China. Identity, ethnicity, race, and the ways in which adopted adults experience transracial and international adoption are powerfully addressed in this amazing film.  Don’t miss the companion DVD, We Can Do Better, in which experts in adoption along with adopted people and adoptive parents discuss the complex issue raised in the film. Dr. Baden created a 10-hour training curriculum for use with Adoption Professionals and pre-adoptive families. Contact the filmmaker to arrange a screening.

 Wo Ai Ni, Mommy (2010)

Dr. Baden consulted on the film, Wo Ai Ni, Mommy (Directed and Produced by Stephanie Wang-Breal). This film chronicles the complexity of adopting an older child from China and how culture, race, and adoption intersect. This film won multiple awards. Contact the filmmaker to arrange a screening.–YRYTZTM–pBYTZTM

Somewhere Between (2011)

Dr. Baden consulted on the film, Somewhere Between (Directed and Produced by Linda Knowlton Goldstein) and appears in the DVD Extras. This film introduces four adopted teens from China. They discuss their feelings about their identities, birth parents, culture, race, and adoption. The young women are so powerful and insightful and share their observations in incredibly compelling discourse.

Contact between Adoptive and Birth Families: Diverse Experiences, Multiple Perspectives (2013)

Dr. Baden was an invited speaker at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst Rudd Adoption Conference in the Spring of 2013. She spoke on the Opening Plenary

Contact between Adoptive and Birth Families: Diverse Experiences, Multiple Perspectives Amanda Baden

International Forum: Intercountry Adoption ~ Moving Forward From A Fifty-Five-Year Perspective (2011)

Holt International Children’s Services 

Dr. Baden was invited to be a keynote speaker at this event in Washington, DC for Holt International’s 55th Anniversary.

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